We are currently building a Commercial Entertainment Center and Lifestyle at Lakesides most important commercial zone, enriching and complimenting what the area has to offer, where a variety of well known brands will be offered.

The Commercial center will measure approximately 7,000 m2 and the Parking area will measure approximately 9,000m2, and this mall will become, without a doubt, a place where Lakeside families will want to be, and where they will also be able to do their shopping, taste some of the best dishes, have fun and enjoy the beauty that Lakeside has to offer.

The main attractions will be:

• Movie theatres.
• Arcade.
• 2 spaces for premium businesses.
• 42 commercial spaces.
• 4 spaces for gourmet areas – restaurants.
• 8 spaces for a food court.
• 1 fast food restaurant.
• 1 fitness center.
• 4 commercial islands.
• Artistic ambiance.

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